To make the most of a landscape, we combine practical fruit bearing plants and trees into an ornamental design, keeping aesthetics and property values in mind, while keeping maintenance as simple as possible.

We also use the most water efficient irrigation products, in effect, giving you a landscape that pays most of its costs by saving water and producing food.

This mindful approach of having the best of all worlds is the goal!

Jim Gibbons has been an active landscape contractor in Southern California for the last 28 years. He has also been involved with garden center management and has owned production nurseries. He has been active as a consultant to other growers as well as homeowners. Jim has also taught master gardener classes.

Jim's specialty is exotic and rare fruit from around the world. He has designed and installed private fruit collections from the Mexican border up to Santa Barbara.

Jim is a specialist in microclimate adaptation of rare fruits as well as soil science. Jim's unique talent is not only growing the rare and exotic, but combining it all in an ornamental design.

Jim's hobbies are growing vegetables, the best tasting fruit on the planet, and ballroom dancing.


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